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to the south. otherwise a nice start out there with mainly clear skies. temperatures running 66 at national. 40, yes 48 in cumberland. 57 in winchester and hagerstown and 69 in southern maryland. locally we have 60s. mid-50s in montgomery county from gaithersburg to laytonsville to 62 in columbia. a great day. sunshine. still very comfortable. highs around 80. good morning. happy thursday, everybody. i wish we had better news for folks in maryland. right now an accident at cherry hill road. between park drive. actually we are seeing live pictures that sky 9 is carrying, i believe that's one of the cars involved in the accident. this is cherry hill road. it was blocking all lanes for most of the morning and it is still blocked in college park. -- we are zooming in on the accident zone so avoid the area if you can right now. we have another crash to report on the inner loop at
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pennsylvania avenue. that's another one to look out for in maryland as well this morning. taking a live picture on 270. right now southbound as we move to our live camera, right now no big problems reported from father hurley to the split. a little volume between germantown and i-370. good morning, virginia. hope you are having a good morning. if you are hopping on 66, volume is quickly building between 50 to 123. it is slow but no accidents or incidents reported. better news on 395. volume as well but not too bad. a lot of sunshine there. grab the sunglasses before you head to work. back to you. well, these days taking the marc commuter rail can be a mess. today maryland transportation officials are ready to take your complaints in person. kristin fisher is live in union station with more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. there were actually two big marc meetings here in washington yesterday. one was a meet the marc managers even held here at union station specifically for marc riders, and the other was
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an emergency meeting of the marc riders advisory council to address all of the problems that have been taking place on the penn line over the past two weeks. ten days ago, almost 1,000 passengers on a northbound penn line train were stranded on the tracks for over two hours in 90- degree temperatures when the train suffered a power failure. then, exactly one week later, the same train overshot a scheduled stop at the odenton station. to make matters worse, maryland's top transportation official was on board. secretary beverly staley said the incidents were unacceptable and she is calling for a full review of amtrak which oversees marc's operations. >> want to be told what is the problem, if it is malfunction or congestion on the line, what is the problem? how long can they expect to wait there? >> reporter: so for a far it seems amtrak is listening they revealed a new plan with a new emphasis on customer service. it includes more training for
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crews so they can better inform passengers of problems and a backup train in washington in the afternoons in case it is needed to move a broke down train. the bottom line, amtrak says they are changing procedures to put passengers first. we'll hear from some of the passengers coming up at 6:30. here's a quick look at the marc system. maryland began to run it in 1982. today there are three lines stretching from the district to from baltimore to west virginia and there are 43 stations and on average marc has 32,000 trips each day. the standoff between virginia and metro over money may be near an end. our partners at the washington examiner say both sides are working out a deal, which is good because the deadline for funding is today. virginia governor bob mcdonnell threatened to withhold $50 million unless they had two seats on the board of directors. that could put other funding at risk. hurricane alex is losing punch as it pushes inland.
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the first hurricane of the atlantic is season slammed in to northeast mexico last night. it dealt texas only a glancing blow. the storm roared ashore on wednesday night as a category two hurricane with winds near 110 miles an hour. it spawned two tornadoes in brownsville and pounded the region with heavy rain. some residents say they just had to see the storm firsthand. >> grit way to bring in the force. it is just a little added experience to a vacation. >> we thought it would be sweet to check everything out in the rain. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: forecasters believe as the hurricane falls apart the main threat from alex will be tornadoes and heavy rain. who would be crazy enough to break in to a police car? someone broke in to an unmarked montgomery county police cruiser. the car was parked in front of the officer's home in brookeville. a rifle, ammunition and two police badges are now missing. investigators believe the
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burglary happened on monday night or tuesday morning. today is the last day for rose kroft raceway in prince georges county. the bankrupt horse track is shutting down and it hasn't had regular live racing in sometime. earlier this year, maryland lawmakers rejected a bill to allow poker and other table gambling there. starting at midnight, table games will be legal 90 minute actress the beltway. charlestown races and slots in west virginia will change its name to hollywood casino. it will feature row let, black jack poke and more. west virginia legalized table games to compete with casinos in pennsylvania. bad news for millions of people on unemployment. >> the house will vote to try to extend unemployment benefits to millions of americans who have run out of checks. unfortunately the efforts could be futile for now. 1.3million laid off workers won get unemployment benefits reinstated before congress goes
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on a week long vacation. for the third time in as many weeks republicans filibustered a bill that would have provided checks to people who have been laid off six months or longer. even with a successful house vote they will take a recess without action on the bill. the house passed a overhaul of financial regulations and that is setting the stage for a final vote next month. a party line votette yesterday came two years after wall street's melt down along with imposing striker financial regulations, the measure will boost consumer protections and force banks to reduce risky trading. is your passport expire something you may want to renew it quickly. the state department is liking fees for u.s. passports and visas as of july 14th. it will cost $135 for adults, 105 for people urn the age of 16 and $55 for adult passport cards which could be used by americans traveling by land or
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sea for thrips to are can ya, mexico and the caribbean. act quickly so you don't have to pay the extra $35. >> fish it out. tight fans are out in force and setting records. the movie eclipse took in $30 million on wednesday and that is just at midnight screenings. that doesn't include people who went during the day yesterday. brecks the old record of $26 million set by the new moon film last november. and you know more people will go see the film over this holiday week. it is 7 after the hour. in ten minutes, an airline story guaranteed to make you say, meow. and four minutes aft controversy arlington cemetery. the blame game over misidentified graves and an agency in chaos. right now our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. good morning. it is chilly out there, especially in western maryland. you need a jacket or sweatshirt this morning for july 1st. lock the new month on this kind
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of chilly thursday morning. temperatures as we said in the 40s in western maryland. by 9:00, we are back in the 50s and 60s. headachierstown 68. 78 annapolis and 76 southern maryland. go through the day with plenty of sunshine border to border here. and temperatures, which will top out around 80 degrees. some spots in the 70s. delightful. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> delightful news to tell you about traffic wise, too. that is up. an accident at cherry hill road. we have a live picture from sky 9. the lanes have reopened. cherry hill road between park drive due to an accident that shut down roads for three or four hours this morning. good news out there in college park. switching to 358 a enroute 28. we are looking live here. no problems reported and columbia pike nice and quiet for folks in maryland. time is 6:08.
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66 degrees outside. 9 news now will be back in 90 seconds.
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we are back. look at these trees decorated with hand made paper butterflies. a striking symbol of the soldiers who have died in iraq and afghanistan. the website, kids thank a veteran made the butterflies. 5 thundershower of them. website director sherry reed says this helps children to learn about the military and
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its sacrifices. >> allowed teachers to give lessons to the children on veterans so they would appreciate the service and the fact that they do give up so much for our country. >> reporter: the tree's on display at arlington national cemetery visitors center and will be there through july. now to what some are calling the gross mismanagement at arlington. angry lawmakers guild leaders on wednesday on the mix up over veterans remains. they say some who gave the ultimate sacrifice independented up with the ultimate insult. peggy fox has the the soldier. >> there is evidence the army knew about the dysfunction here at arlington in 1992. today at the hearing on captiol hill, the secretary of the army was asked why the problems were allowed to fester for so long. >> i'm angry. period. every american, whether they have a loved one buried at arlington or no should be outraged. >> reporter: missouri democrat ike skeleton blasted the army's
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oversight of the cemetery. an army investigation of 5% of the 300,000 graves at arlington found more than 200 were mismarked. >> i'm afraid the 200 irregularities, associated with gravesites, may be a fraction of the problem. >> reporter: both the cemetery's superintendent and deputy superintendent have been relieved of their duties, leaving the army to clean up the mess. >> to learn the army was aware of some of the problems for 20 years and took no corrective action is extremely disappointing. >> reporter: the army probe also found wire fraud and contract mismanagement for money spent on the automation of records that never happened. >> i'm hoping we will be tough on these people and if it is a personal issue where they are trying to protect somebody that is unacceptable, too. >> reporter: they say more funding for the cemetery would help. >> i know i share the anger that every committee member
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feels. they say taking care of the hallowed ground is about the army's honor and would be unfair burden to place on the v.a. peggy fox, 9 news now. it is 6:13. here's what is in the news now. the 11 people accused of being spies for russia head to court later today. three were arrested in arlington, virginia. russia's foreign ministry says the group has done nothing to hurt american interest. president obama will sign in to law new sanctions against iran. their punishment for iran's ambitions. general petraeus is the new man in charge of the war in afghanistan. even republicans say he shows the president's commitment to winning the war. the senate confirmed him unanimously on wednesday. 99-0. it is coming up on 6:14.
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say good morning to danielle. >> good morning danielle. >> starbucks at georgetown university at the lombardi cancer center. she was very nice and likes watching the news. >> we like the fact you are watching our news and we love this weather. >> yes, we do. >> give us more. >> i asked steve in the chat room this morning, if you facebook friend me i post a link and there a blog at wusa waugh and he said he went to see the birds this morning and it was a shock. 52 in cross junction, virginia. let's talk about alex. alex came ashore last night. impressive looking on the radar. you can see the eye wall coming on shore. about 9:00 or so. and then, as it moves over land opposed to water, well, can't maintain itself. dunn have the fuel anymore and it is starting to weaken. a hurricane with winds. the phi clock advisory 80 miles an hour but downgraded shortly. a different perspective on the color enhanced hear, the darker reds are wrapping an the eye.
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impressive stuff here. look at the eye wall at 11:00 last night. classic looking hurricane. strong category two with winds 105 miles an hour and weakening as it moves inland and alec will be a rain and troublemaker and flooding and isolated tornadoes even as far as south texas. 80 degrees. pleasant today. nice on friday and a warmer saturday. 87 and that will be a harbinger of things to come as we head in to sunday and beyond. we are back in the high heat. mainly clear and pleasant. 58 to 73 this morning. 58 is not cold enough. north winds five to 15. sun is up 5:47. sunny and spectacular with highs around 80. north wins at ten. tonight looking at an 8:37 sunset. mainly clear and comfortably cool again. low 50s to low 60s and the northwesterly wind continues to keep the dry air in place. any clouds and showers, southern virginia to the carolinas for the most part is where the front remains and the dry air is in place.
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dew points in the low to mid- 40s here. 50s richmond. 60s in norfolk and the carolinas. and for us a chill, especially out west. look at western pennsylvania. that blue, that is 40s. in some cases upper 30s like yesterday morning. williamsport 49. locally 50s at gaithersburg and laytonsville at 54. 63 fairfax. 65 for ft. belvoir. andrews is 64. look at laurel. in the 50s at 59 degrees and washington 66. we have sunshine, delightful, northwest wind at 13. and the 43. in some areas a little wind chill this morning. good weather continues because we have clear skies in the central and northern plains and that will be with us the next few days before the heat returns. the seven-day forecast, 80 today. 82 tomorrow. looks gray. here's the warmth on saturday. hot on the 4th of july. 93. mid-90s on monday and tuesday. could be some isolated
6:17 am
afternoon storms in the heat but still way too dry. that's not a good trend. trees are starting to wither. >> hi there, howard. thank you so much. good news to report in maryland. all earlier accidents we have been talking about are clear from university to georgia. some traffic is picking up here and of course the sun glare comes in to place. grab your shades and get ready for a pleasant beautiful ride in to work. moving to the district and see how things are looking on new york avenue inbound. a lot of traffic coming to us from the times building to bladensburg. no crashes to report. on 95, if you are heading north in to dc. going to be seeing a little traffic from duke to seminary and drivers on the brakes crossing the 14th street bridge. good morning to you if you are looking a net beltway from braddock to 66. not too bad here yet. nothing blocking the travel lanes on 95 northbound it will be heavy from prince william parkway to lorton. as you can see a lot of traffic and once again from 7100 over to 495.
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the time is 6:17. back to you. first president clinton and the infamous blue dress. now a pair of pants could get former vice president al gore in trouble. portland, oregon police have reopened an investigation in to allegations made by a massage therapist. molly haggerty accuses the former vice president of groping her at a hotel in 2006. during an interview with the "national enquirer," haggerty claims she has dna evidence on the pants she was wearing to prove it. a spokes person for mr. gore says further investigate will only confirm he dids no wrong. a story guaranteed to make you go ewww! a u.s. airways flight returned to florida because there were maggots coming out of the overhead bin. one passenger talks about what happened. >> i could feel and hear a commotion behind me. a couple of women getting upset some the flight attendant came back and told them to calm down
6:19 am
and sit down and one woman got out of her seat and started attacking herself. >> that's right. a commotion because maggots were falling out of a bin and on to a seat. oh my goodness. u.s. airways say the passenger brought spoiled meat on the plane. the airline made sure no one else's bags were infested. the passenger was put on another plane. ahead in sports the nationals take on the braves in a rubber match and free agency season begins. learn the big names out there beyond lebron james. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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this morning the free agency season is about six hours old. the big question today -- will lebron james stay in cleveland or leave for some place else? he is one of several free big agent names. we will have to wait and see but with a look at some baseball action here's brett haber. >> good morning, everybody. i'm brett haber with the wakeup sports. not all pitchers in the first round have it smooth like strasburg. the nats martin was drafted in 2001 and ten years later, he has five major league wins looking for number six last night against the braves an the opposing pitcher snookered him in the fourth. he fakes the bunt and swings. the ball gofer goes over zimmerman's head and the braves lead 2-0. nats had a rally in the sixth pudge who is a lot of things but not fast grounds in the double play. that's a rally killer and this
6:24 am
is a rally extendedder. miguel walks in a run. no what you need from the pull ben. the nats drop 4-1. the o's hosting the a and luke scott hits a home run for the o's in the 7th and he pulls his hamstring while rounding the bases. you can't make this stuff up in up in baltimore. scott finally hobbles home and the o's hang on 9-6. that's a quick look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great thursday, everybody. where this virginia you can start to drive 70 miles an hour legally today. maryland gubernatorial candidate makes his running mate. learn more about mary cane. we'll be right back.
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we are back at 6:28. this isn't quite the world cup, it is the swamp soccer world cup. hundred of football player and fans who couldn't make it to south africa made it to scotland instead. plenty of mud and fun. a team from glasgow won the competition. thank you for starting your thursday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is loving his forecast.
6:29 am
he's enjoying it on the weather terrace. good morning. >> good morning. some of you need a jacket this morning or maybe a sweatshirt. it is chilly out. we have temperatures in the northern and western suburbs in the 50s and even in the 40s in cumberland and garrett county. mid-60s here in washington and mid-70s in southern maryland. a nice start to the day. 62 bethesda. 54 from gaithersburg at the montgomery county air park. 64 andrews air force base and ft. belvoir, hello to you, you are 65. a lot of sunshine. low humidity levels and 80. a perfect day coming toward us. how about the traffic this morning? patranya bhoolsuwan is in for angie. >> that's right. a lot of people are giving their ac at home a rest and probably in the cars, as well. a pleasant drive to work on 66. traffic is bogging down a bit but no incidents or accidents here between 234 and route 28 and 50 over to nutley. checking out the maps to see how gw parkway is looking. not too bad from 495 the key
6:30 am
bridge. all clean and green. no problems here. a live picture from 270 tells the story. a we see more people heading out there. a pretty drive to work and finally route 4, route 5 and the crane highway as we check out graphics, looking good. no problems. back to you. we get the latest on hurricane alex. it roared ashore on wednesday night and brought high winds and rain to neighboring texas and it will lose its punch during the day. it's the first hurricane of the atlantic season and a good test for people along the gulf coast. whit johnson reports from south padre island, texas. >> the outer edges of alex are leaving south texas wind whipped and soaked. >> this is nothing, man. i thought it was way worse. >> the storm roared ashore on wednesday night as a category two hurricane packing winds near 110 miles an hour. it spawned two tornadoes in brownsville and pounded the region with heavy rain. >> we thought it would be sweet
6:31 am
to go and check everything out. >> oh, my gosh. alex may have spared tb texas a direct hit but the gulf coast wasn't as lucky it flooded roads and forced thousands to evacuate fishing villages. rough seas sidelined skimming boats in mexico but crews were able to capture oil and drill relief wells them storm falls apart over land, forecaster says the main threat now will be tornadoes and heavy rain. nasty weather is make -- making david wooten's first trip to south padre island one he will never forget. >> great way to bring in the force. just a little added experience to a vacation. >> business owners fear not everyone will be as opt mississippiic. >> we have lost 70% of the visitors and it was a soldout
6:32 am
weekend. >> this is one guest everyone wants to see leave. you can follow the hurricane season by going to on our home page. click on the weather tab and then scroll down to the tropics. from there down load the hurricane tracker. today the public is inviting to say farewell to senator byrd. the west virginia democrat died on tuesday at age 92. his body will lay in repose inside the chamber. the chamber opens to the public at 10:15 this morning and stays open until 3:45 this afternoon. tomorrow, byrd's body will be flown to charleston for a memorial service. president obama and vice president biden will be there. barring the unexpected, elena kagan should be the next u.s. supreme court justice. democratic senator patrick leahy says the votes are there. a full senate vote on her
6:33 am
nomination is expected next month and if approved she will be seated before the court's next term begins in october. >> today marc train riders get another chance to air grievances with a commuter rail line. it has been having big problems lately. kristin fisher is live at union station with more on the story. >> you got that right. well, amtrak is actually the agency that oversees all of marc's operations and yesterday amtrak announced bill changes in the wake of this recent string of incidents on the penn line. just to recap, if you haven't been following these incidents very closely about ten days ago, almost 1,000 passengers stranded on the tracks for two hours in 90-degree temperatures when a marc train suffered a power failure. then a week lair, another train, same line, i don't think shot a scheduled stop at the oddenton station. maryland's transportation official was on board and is calling for a review of
6:34 am
amtrak's operations and most passengers seem to agree it's a good idea. take a listen. >> you think a full review is needed? >> i do, yeah. i think, yeah, i think it needs to be determined where the communication break down comes from and why sometimes we are treated like cattle. >> they need to make sure that -- just make sure passengers are treated with courtesy and with respect. that's all. >> reporter: yesterday amtrak ceo pledged to do just that by putting passengers first and equipment second. a change includes more training for marc crews so they can better inform passengers about problems and another change, keeping a backup train in washington in the afternoons in case it is needed to move a broken down train or get passengers off of that train that were stranded on it if it breaks down. there's major changes. also some smaller ones.
6:35 am
things like more water bottles on marc trains in the middle of summer in case something happens and marc is talking about putting out a smart phone application. and a lot of changes are in the works but whether or not riders are happy with the changes remains to be seen. starting today the trip to the carolinas can move faster along interstate 95. at least for about 30 miles. the speed limit along interstate 295 is going up from 65 to 90 miles an hour. i is just the stretch -- it is from 65 to 70 miles an hour. it's the stretch south of i-64 until 95 in petersburg. the state is looking at upping the limb on other highways in rural areas. some other new laws taking affect in in the commonwealth today, one of the biggest, people with firearms permits will be allowed to bring guns in to bars. all children under the age of 18 will be required to wear a
6:36 am
seat belt in the backseat of cars and it is illegal to require virginians to buy health insurance. that's a move against president obama's new health care plan. now to the gubernatorial campaign in maryland. bob ehrlich and his running mate will campaign today in waldorf. ehrlich announced mary kaine as his running mate. she is the former maryland secretary of state. she is 48 and lives in potomac and served as the director of special projects a the chamber of commerce. let's go to the information center where jessica doyle is working on the next "living $mart" report. what's coming up? >> did you know george washington made his own rye whiskey? did you know you can buy some made from the same recipe? i will tell you how coming up. but first to howard. he has the virginia weather and traffic. >> i have been to that distillery, jessica. >> it is in virginia.
6:37 am
we are looking at a chilly start. some areas are down in the low 50s. almost jacket weather. a lot of sunshine and great looking morning out there. cool, comfortable. get out and enjoy. as we go throughout the day. the sunshine in the 60s to around 70 down south. lunchtime, what a great day in the mid-70s a lot of sunshine and topping off around the 80- degree mark. should be perfect weather for whatever your outdoor plans are. >> loving the weather this morning. and traffic not too bad in virginia right now. we will see a lot of sunshine as you can see in the camera. route 50 and germantown in fairfax. no problems to report out here. switch over to arlington. we have a camera at route 1 and 23rd street in crystal city. no problems to dc north. also no complaints there and finally we will fly over the toll road from 7100 past route 7, all the way in to dc 495. right now looking good on the tow road. no problems reported.
6:38 am
the time is 6:37. thank you for spending this morning with us. 9 news now will be right back. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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we go to the top of the charts on google. number one is lebron james bulls bulls. in 18 minutes the "early show" begins in new york. here with a preview is harry smith. good morning. >> we will be talking about lebron later on this morning. and figure out where he will go. also coming up right after the top of the show, alex. we have a couple of reports from you from down in the gulf. this weather is wreaking havoc, not only for the residents of where it is coming ashore but also for the oil cleanup
6:43 am
efforts all around bad weather and around in to louisiana and alabama. and mississippi and the texas panhandle. get you the latest on that this morning. plus, life guards, usually a sense of security. what happens when they are caught off guard while on duty? our consumer correspondent susan copen investigates that and you have seen the video, remember this a couple of weeks ago, then little kid smoking the cigarettes. we dispatched a team to sumatra to check it out and we thought it is maybe a 40 year old guy but it is actually a little kid that is a chain smoker as it turns out and you will see the video on the broadcast this morning. >> we will be watching, harry, thank you. time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle has a look at the local job scene. >> employers are still hiring in the washington area. that's good news and pretty
6:44 am
good news. the bad news is the pace of hiring is starting to slow down. the region's unemployment rate rose to 6% in may from 5 pine 9% from the month before. and retailers added 8600 new employees. experts say hiring slowed down a bit as global financial markets tumbled. the "wall street journal" is reporting toyota is repairing to recall 270,000 luxury vehicles worldwide including some flagship lexus sedans. the car's defective engines can stall while the vehicle is moving the problem includes the lexus lx 460. the latest quality lapse for toyota following global recalls. george washington was a man of many talents. did you know he became the most successful whiskey maker after his presidency.
6:45 am
now we have a chance to buy riis rye whiskey from the same recipe. the first public tasting will be held at mount vernon. bottles are sold for $85 a piece. the proceeds will visit mount vernon's education program. that will happen later today. jessica, i have a story you will bed in as a new jersey native there's a new website and it is trying to get a little respect for the garden state. it is called jersey doesn't the site was created by a new jersey resident who wants to fight back against the bad rap he says his state unfairly gets. >> i would love to get the word out that jersey is a great place. a great place to live and visit and more people should check out new jersey and get beyond the cliche and stereotypes. >> besides promoting the state the website sells new jersey paraphernalia and 4,000 visitors have signed a petition
6:46 am
saying new jersey doesn't stink. i think jessica and jc would sign on to that. >> right. exit 8-b. happy resident of new jersey. i will sign the petition later on today. >> let's talk about the weather. that doesn't stink at all. it is fantastic, at least a few days. kind of stunk earlier this monday and will stink again with the heat and humidity returning next week in to the weekend but right now we are loving it. not loving this in mexico. alex came ashore as a strong category two storm. look at the eye on this thing. impressive. you see think radar presentation showing the eye disappearing as the storm is obviously over land. it doesn't have the same fuel source and it weakens. this is a category one storm with winds of 80 miles an hour moving to the west at a pretty good clip there. see that? that's at 12 miles an hour and it will weaken rapidly to a tropical storm later this morning. and by this afternoon, we will
6:47 am
have winds 45 miles an hour or so. we will be a depression by tonight as it weaksen in in the mountains of mexico dropping heavy rainfall and that will cause some flooding problems for them. for us the next three days look great. 80 today, 82 tomorrow. and warmer and humid, highs in the upper 80s which is average for this time of the year. this morning, mainly clear, pleasant. almost chilly. 50s and 60s to the low 70s the next few hours. north winds five to 15. this afternoon, sunny and spectacular again. highs of 80 with a north wind at ten miles an hour and on the, clear and comfortably cool, low 50s to low 60s. the sun set 8 listen 37. there's the dry air. we will watch it with dew points low 40s in many areas. i'm not trusting 52 in frederick. the dew point sensor is a little high but low 50s and upper 40s on the dew.s. tappahannock, where their temperature is 68. jan in reedville is 73.
6:48 am
it was 52 from steve up in cross junction. lou anne in annapolis, 67. 61 manassas and locally 66 at reagan national under mostly sunny skies. that dew point in the low 40s and a northwest wind at 13. it is brisk out there this morning. our good weather will continue for a couple of days. look at the clear skies from nebraska through new england and a lot of rain along the texas gulf coast as well and some feeder bands are going up to new orleans with some showers and storms for them. the seven-day forecast, nice through saturday. still low humidity. the 4th of july looks good but hot, 93. and low to mid-90s on monday, tuesday and wednesday with an isolate afternoon thunderstorm here and there. it is 6:48. good morning, patranya bhoolsuwan. >> good morning, howard. we have a brand new accident to tell you about at 6:48. looking at sky 9 over the scene. fire crews are on the scene. this is 66 eastbound just after the ramp to 495. we understand that a motorcycle is involved in this crash an it
6:49 am
might be more. you can see as we pan out a lot of traffic approaching the beltway on 66 eastbound. it is backed up all the way to 50 right now. if you are about to jump on 66 be aware of. this you may want to take an alternate route. switch to 95 northbound in virginia as i step back to joe you what is happening here. delays prince william parkway to lorton and approaching the mixing bowl. no crashes to block the lanes up north on 95. moving to 395 northbound no crashes here either but a lot of sunshine to get in your eye. grab your shades. it is slow pentagon to the 14th street bridge. in maryland, outer loop, let's see, 95 to georgia looking good. some break light as we see here but no incidents or accidents reported. on the inner loop, a second second sec concern second accident of the day as we switch to our maps show oyou where this it.
6:50 am
back to you. a followup to a story we brought you at this time yesterday. we told you a charles county family saw our newscast and realized the bull dog puppies it bought were stolen from a police officer's backyard. they returned the dogs even though they paid $600 for them. now the officer has given the family another puppy to keep as a thank you for their good deed. people hit hard by the spill in the gulf were forced to give up their pets to local shelters. but now those are severely crowded. that's why 33 dogs from shelters in louisiana are coming to our area temporarily. the lost dog and cat rescue foundation, along with shelters in loudoun, and anne arundel counties have taken in the animals. >> all of these dogs make wonderful family members. just because they ended up in a sheller dunn mean there is something wrong with them. these guys were in an unfortunate circumstance because of the oil spill and their families couldn't care
6:51 am
for them anymore. >> reporter: more pets are on the way. the age of the dogs range from puppy to four years old. in sports, the nationals come home tonight to begin a hen-game home stand. they host the mets at 7:05. last night graves pitcher helped himself out with this rbi single. nats lose 4-1. the at&t national golf tournament begins today in philadelphia. it's usually held at congressional country club in bethesda but it has been moved to philly since congressional is getting ready for the u.s. open. 66 degrees here in northwest washington. president obama heads to american university today. in three minutes the hot topic he will be talking about. [ female announcer ] when you're trying to lose weight,
6:52 am
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the more options you have, the more likely you are to stay on track. that's why there are 9 delicious kinds of special k® cereal. ♪ ♪ because every girl could use a little variety. ♪ special k®, now in 9 delicious flavors.
6:54 am
it is 6:54 on this thursday morning. here's what is in the news now. president obama heads to american university today. this is video of the president in wisconsin yesterday. he will visit the international service this morning to talk about immigration reform. one person is dead after a
6:55 am
head-on crash this morning in college park, maryland. it happened along cherry hill road near the seven springs village apartments. three others suffered minor injuries. the search resumes this morning for a boater missing in the potomac. 36-year-old daniel ray meyers vanished when his boat sank. he was not wearing a life jacket. a chilly morning out there. going to lead to a beautiful afternoon. temperatures in the 70s. topping off near 80 for a high. absolutely gorgeous. patranya bhoolsuwan will have another look at traffic and i will have the seven-day forecast when we return. when i melt to sleep with unisom sleep melts
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6:57 am
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. welcome back to 9 news now. sky nine is still over the bad
6:59 am
accident on 66 heading eastbound just past the hov ramp there. it is bad. we have heavy delays approaching 66 eastbound. be aware of that before you leave your house. another accident on the inner loop at route 4. this is the second accident there of the day. use caution there, as well. and in the district we go. we end with that. traffic but no accidents. howard. back to you. beautiful weather today and tomorrow. 80ish or so for highs. 50s and 60s overnight. we warm up to the upper 80s on saturday and here's the heat on july 4th through wednesday. slim chances of an afternoon storm if we are lucky. how do you follow one of the worst quarters for wall street in a long time? with more losses of course, at least for this morning but at least we can say happy canada day. >> the "early show" is next. they will have the latest on hurricane alex. and the next no news is at noon. until then get

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